07 Sep 2017
U14-U13-U12 ISAC Football Exchanges SAT 09/09/17 & AQI Policy for ISAC

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Dear All,

The U14/U13/U12 ISAC Football Exchanges are scheduled to take place on Saturday 9th September. Each Exchange has various start and finish times, so please take a look at the schedule that cam home with each participating player for Saturday as well as the Bus Schedule if needing transport. All of this can also be downloaded on www.BSBShunyiSport.com

All ISAC sanctioned events, follow the ISAC approved AQI policy (as detailed in the ISAC Handbook), which is formally listed below and has not changed from previous years>

Section 4. AQI Response Protocols:

ISAC recognizes that while many schools have varying approaches and rules pertaining to AQI, it is left to the host school and event director to determine whether an outdoor event can go ahead—based on the following ISAC agreements:

  • An ISAC outdoor sports tournament should not begin if the AQI is 251 or above—with 06:15 notification from the event coordinators expected from participating schools.

  • Any ISAC sports tournament that begins must be ended when the AQI (if able to be measured) moves to 276 or above during the event.

  • Final results of a shortened tournament should be determined by the host tournament director, after consultation with participating coaches.

In regards to notifying parents/players of a cancelation to an ISAC event, this will be posted Under the News Section, under Sports News Sub heading, or http://www.bsbshunyisport.com/News.asp?Id=28230 if nothing has been posted, the event is running as scheduled.

Any further questions, feel free to email me directly.

Best Regards,

Travis Washko

Director of Sport & PE